10 Fitness Apps That Can Help Entrepreneurs Stay Healthy

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes all of your time and you are responsible for most of the tasks. You are assistant and a boss, merchandiser and a bookkeeper. With all of those responsibilities it`s hard to take some time for your self and because of that our health is under a big question mark.

Most entrepreneurs especially in the begging steps of their company don`t have time to go to gym. Thankfully, today we have many applications to help us to stay in shape.

One of them is Tribe.fit, Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot to help you with your nutrition plan and of course NLF players to help you stay fit by joining their fitness challenge.


Inc.com made a list of 10 Fitness Apps That Can Help Entrepreneurs Stay Healthy, make sure to check it out.


Exercise today to be healthy tomorrow.

Keep your eye on these tech trends in 2018

We live in digital age, age where all communication and day by day is fulfilled with chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, block chain and smart technology.

Things are moving quickly and AI technology have become real represent of how technology and humans can work together.

While there are some people that think that we reached the productive end and there is nothing more to develop that`s not true.


The next web wrote list of trends that we all need to keep an eye on in 2018.

How people are getting more and more occupied with everyday work they do not have time to keep healthy lifestyle and this is new trend that will have it`s own expansion.  AI assistants to help people to have healthy life style and balance between busy everyday work schedule.


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8 Sports Celebrities Turned Entrepreneurs

Sports celebrities in the eyes of the average man are like Hercules, they do the impossible but with the price.  While doing what they are passionate about their body has expiration date, so when that date comes sports celebrities are changing the sports field with business field – it`s same gladiator battle but with different shoes.

If you are sports fan you probably know that Kobe Bryan is successful entrepreneur having his own company and following his footsteps is CJ Anderson from Denver Broncos. CJ is not leaving the sports field yet but he merged the love for sports and business and invested in fitness company Tribe.fit.

To learn more how sports athletes are changing sports fields to entrepreneurs filed  and how CJ Andresen invested in accompany read the Huffington Post article, 8 Sports Celebrities Turned Entrepreneurs.

10 Tips For Using Influencers For Promoting Your Sports Brand

These days having a good product is not enough. People will need to know about that product and get familiar with it, that is why all the companies are spending resources to have catchy commercial.

However, with so many products and commercials you have to know how to reach to your audience, the secret lies in influencers. Influencers are people who are best known in their business, people that have many followers that are respecting the words and opinions about the product and reviews they have.

Thankfully, today we live in a world where technology is on our side and is helping us to promote our brands and products and one of those technology that can help you to promote your product is Tribe. Fitness personal trainers looking to make more money, grow their clients or run an online business it`s hard to accomplish all of that especially if you are at the beginning of your company.

Tribe on the other hand, is mostly used by Millennials, take part in fitness challenges run by your favorite trainers & athletes. Get fit with your Tribe and interact with your trainer in a completely unique experience.

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