Doing Fitness in 21st Century

Things have changed since we started to go to gym couple of years back, the situation was you go to gym, run a treadmill and that was it. Some of you probably did a bit more but we never had result tracking, nutrition balancing, calories counting. We take care of our health more these days, because we now more what is healthy for our body that we used to.

Fitness in 21st Century looks more like The Jetsons and it`s all about the Artificial Intelligence, voice activated chatbots as nutritionist and it all looks like scene from a Sci Fi movie.

Thankfully, today we can measure our calories and progress and see how do we take care of our body.

Here comes Astro, voice activated chatbot application that helps you to keep track of your health and gives you nutrition advices personalized for you.

Another great experience is fitness challenges with celebrity’s trainers and NFL players who are using the app and organizing fitness challenges.

When we watch football we usually say “You can run faster, “You are in a bad shape”  ..well ..think again and join into one of the fitness challenges that NFL Players run to see if you can keep up with them.

Download the app here and select your challenge.

One of the people who took the fitness challenge is Jay Canada, famous YouTube Influencer who joined the fitness challenge with Corey Luiget from LOS ANGELES CHARGERS.

See what Jay had to say about his experience with the app.


Your body is your temple, treat it right.

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