Tribe fan engagement platform launches with 3 NFL players


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 28th 2017

Tribe fan engagement platform launches with 3 NFL players
Alt: NFL Players Corey Liuget, Jahleel Addae and CJ Anderson Launch Challenges on Tribe
Tribe is a platform for sports, fitness & nutrition influencers to hyper-engage their fans with live chat & premium content like challenges. 

Mountain View, CA: On October 28th, Tribe launched a platform for influencers in the sports, fitness & nutrition verticals to engage their fans with premium content & challenges. The platform allows influencers and celebrities in this space to hyper-engage their audience with exclusive content and gives the audience a peek into their day to day lives and routines.

The platform and smartphone applications for iOS and Android also come equipped with an Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant that is available 24/7 and activated by voice to help users to track their meals and activity levels as well as promote greater awareness of both.

Tribe is launching with some heavy-weights like key NFL players Corey Liuget & Jahleel Addae of the Los Angeles Chargers and CJ Anderson of the Denver Broncos. They are running 14-day unity challenges as a way for their fans to start engaging with them more directly and to promote a healthier way of life. Tribe also has a pipeline of popular athletes, nutritionists, trainers & lifestyle influencers kicking off challenges in the future.

The Company is also working with some early relevant brands as challenge sponsors. The brands see this as a unique way to engage consumers and provide a deep multi-day engagement experience, seeing an uplift in brand recall, loyalty & engagement as a whole.

About the Company: Tribe is a brand name of Electric Sheep Inc. It’s CEO & co-founder is Gaurav Mathur, a serial entrepreneur who started his first company 3LM, which helped create one of the first enterprise platforms for Android and later sold it to Motorola/Google. Before that he worked at Google during Android’s early days and helped usher in the current wave of mobile. Deepak Ramachandran is the CTO and co-founder with a PhD and an extensive background in machine learning & natural language processing. Before Tribe, Deepak spent his career tackling hard problems in this space at the research labs of Nuance and Honda Research. They are joined by CMO and co-founder Murray Newlands who is also a serial entrepreneur with 2 startups under his belt, an author and a writer for Forbes & Entrepreneur while also holding a law degree. They also have Alix Turoff on board as their Chief Nutrition & Fitness executive who is both a certified dietitian and trainer.

Investors & Advisors: The Company has raised some initial capital from a few strategic investors. Their roster includes Jyoti Bansal, who was the founder and CEO of AppDynamics that was recently bought by Cisco for $3.7B,CJ Anderson who plays for the Denver Broncos and is deeply involved in the intersection of technology & sports as well as Dentsu ventures, which the investment arm of Dentsu, Japan that focuses on media, advertising and public relations. The Company also counts Latif Nathani, who served as the Managing Director of eBay India until recently as an advisor.

Vision: The company’s vision is to be the fan engagement platform for influencers in the sports, fitness & nutrition verticals. It wants to allow athletes & celebrities in these verticals to hyper-engage their followers supported by brands and e-commerce.

Download the app by using this link and join us on your fitness journey by taking a fitness challenge from your favorite celebrities, influencers or NFL Players.


Contact Name: Murray Newlands
Organization Electric Sheep
Phone Number 415 205 7278


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